Sunday 1 April 2012

Knowing Thy Enemy(PCF special)

Knowing Thy Enemy

I just finished watching the video 
'SAFMA-Sexpress-Geo Scoundrel Gang EXPOSED & ANNIHILATED!'(present above)
Being the nit-picker that I am, I noticed dozens of mistakes apart from the trashy music (the one before this had a better soundtrack).
Let’s start.

1. The First image in the video 'desecrates' the Pakistani Flag, making it looks similar to the Saudi flag, which by the way is a punishable offence according to the Constitution of Pakistan.

2. The First video is of a US news anchor telling us that President Obama has 'pledged' 50 million dollars to the Pakistani Media. There is no evidence provided about Where those Dollars went. (If anyone of you know how to get our hands in the Cookie Jar, please DM me, I need some of those $s) 

3. The next slide is of the word 'SAFMA'(without NO proof.!! Guilty by default.??).
They are labeled 'defeatist' minded secularists, which is a mockery of the English Language. They are also labeled 'mouthpieces of RAW/CIA/Mossad'(oh shit, they missed MI5 and Shiv Sena).
4. The First person to face the guillotine is Mr.Imtiaz Alam(who at least I personally am not a fan of, because his dogs were looking at me with menace while I was walking near them in shadman,lahore few months ago. #TrueStory) is presented as someone 'who ridiculed Prophet (SAW)in a program'
while actually in the clip that follows, Mr. Imtiaz Alam(in presence of hundreds of audience members on the set of that program) 'ridiculed the concept of 'Qaumi Ghairat'(which we all know, is not something to be taken lightly). These PCF hawks are, by default, inciting people for murder of a person by presenting him as Gustakh e Rasool. THIS is treason.

5. Next up is Marvi Sirmed, the favorite punching bag of Baloongra followers after she showed the mirror to Baloongra in Shahid Nama last year. They have presented some of her re-tweets, i.e. NOT HER TWEETS BUT THE ONES SHE RE TWEETED. The First one paints her as an 'atheist'.
The second is her statement that 'equal rights not possible in Islamic Welfare State',(which, if PCF Fmembers ever went out of their homes or watched Television, will know is what Tsunami Khan promises). But who cares anyways, brand her a Gustakh e Rasul as well.
Next up is her retweet about separation of Balochistan to which she added the sad face smiley faces ( L ) WHICH MEANS SHE DOES NOT LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN BALOCHISTAN, you morons.
Cue the statement that SAFMA wants 'balkanization of Pakistan'.

6. Asma Shirazi is their next target. Her only crime is to applaud Ali Dayan Hasan on Twitter, who according to the dimwits of PCF 'supported' the CIA-backed terrorists of BLA in US Congress. As usual, no evidence or proof provided.

7. Hamid Mir is the next line, because, oh wait for it, JUST wait for it,
he accuses the #DeepState
of throwing dead bodies from helicopters and surprise, surprise, they(PCF) ask for PROOFS in the very next slide. Some nerve.
They also accuse Hamid meer of being part of Khalid Khwaja’s murder(he was no angel, mind u), citing a call that supposedly took place between Hamid mir and a TTP terrorist.
Their next plea is 'why is Pak Army subjected to baseless blames??', How Cute.

8. Their next target is Beena Sarwar who re-tweeted NFP's tweet about his neighborhood mullah delivering an aural attack on the senses. While the statement can be interpreted in many ways, it cannot be used as evidence against Beena. The fact that she is the third female to be targeted is a clear evidence of the sexist, patriarchal values that the PCF members so aspire of. 

‎9. Next up is (S)express tribune, which according to PCF is 'a platform for these blockheads to express themselves'. For the record, NONE of the above mentioned people work or even WRITE for ET. 
Jahanzaib Haque gets special attention, due to his Jay Toons. They cite examples where he has addressed the issue of the ST assassination by Qadri. Jahanzaib's crime, was to use to words, 'your fundo khala'. Next example is where J has raised the issue of child molestation. Oh,HOW DARE HE RAISE HIS VOICE against such fabricated lies, no one in Pakistan EVER molested a child, or threw acid on someone’s face, or killed people based on false allegations of blasphemy. No Sir, that has not happened in the 'Land of Pure' since Mahmud Ghaznavi threatened the caliph of Baghdad to attack his state, oh sorry, that never happened either..

10. The next slide made me laugh and cry out loud, in equal measure. Read for yourself.
'Do they know something called 'Media Ethics''
nuff said.

11. Next up is some pictures of logos of TV channels and the same video from a U.S channel that was played earlier.(According to my dear Amir Saeed, the same clip has been played by Kashif Abbasi in his show and this is NOT a U.S channel but a Russian Channel.!!)

12. The best, though, was left for the last.
Yuri Bezmenov's video about spreading misinformation through media is played.
A brief background of this gentleman.
*He was a journalist and former KGB informant from Soviet Union who defected to Canada. 
*He was an expert in oriental languages and spent many years in India.
*He escaped to Canada in 1970.
*He was an anti-communist and very pro American. He even wrote a book LOVE LETTER TO AMERICA.!!!
* In an interview in 1984, he told Edward Griffin, that, 
“They will be very unhappy [and] frustrated people, and Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously they will join the [ranks] of dissenters; dissidents. Unlike the present United States there will be no place for dissent in future Marxist-Leninist America. [Now] you can get popular like Daniel Elsburg and filthy rich like Jane Fonda for being a dissident [and] for criticizing your Pentagon. In [the] future these people will simply be [he makes a squishy noise] squashed like cockroaches for criticizing the government. Nobody is going to pay them nothing for their beautiful [and] noble ideas of EQUALITY. This they don't understand and it will be the greatest shock for them, of course.” 
This sounds so much like a tirade by any of the Republican Presidential nominees(a mixture of paranoia and lack of real time knowledge of politics) and much less like a balanced approach. 
PCF,in hatred of SAFMA, used info from a totally biased person, no surprises there. They would even take the side of the Devil if he said something mildly against SAFMA.
In “Exposing” and “Annihilating” SAFMA, PCF has, fortunately, exposed themselves.
(P.S If someone wants to know more about the leader of this PCF, here is a phone conversation between him and Zaid Hamid, provided courtesy Amir Saeed). 

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