Saturday 14 April 2012

How to spot a Fake Nationalist

Nationalism is defined as “A political ideology that involves a strong identification of a group of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms, i.e. a nation.” In recent times, the increasing popularity of social media has led to all kinds of people joining the larger debate and interacting with Celebrities and Journalists. This has also led to the phenomenon of people attacking other people for their beliefs in certain ideologies. One such group are the Fake Nationalists. Any sane person using social media outlets will be aware of these people. Following is the list of their most common shared characteristics based on which they can be identified and dealt with. #FakeNationalists

1. They think criticizing Institutions of Pakistan is an act of

2. “Introspection” is their least favorite word in English Language and “Charity begins at Home” is their least favorite phrase.

3. Their Display Pictures on Social Media show either a Pakistani Flag or a weapon/Fighter Jet (or both).
4. They try to pass as patriotic but actually are out to destroy the country through hatred and bigotry.

5. They are 100% sure that you are a traitor but will still follow you on twitter.

6. In most cases, their IDs and DPs are fake.

7. They think that affection for the country is a religious Obligation. While they quote Iqbal incessantly, they seem to have “selective amnesia” about the anti-nationalistic poetry by Iqbal.

8. For them, “Loving thy country” means “Hating everyone else” except off course China and Saudi Arabia.

9. They love making videos based on selective facts and mis-quotes.

10. They display no trust in the Political System and Politicians.

11. They add the prefix “Sir” before the names of their favorite personalities, even though the Queen has never bestowed Knighthood on those “personalities”.

12. They have never heard the words “Nation State”.

13. They like to counter rationalism with emotional responses.

14. They believe in ‘Jo bhi Kara Raha hai, Amrika Karwa Raha hai’.
15. The option of establishing Peace with our neighbors is not something they would ever give a thought to. They want to fight India for a thousand years and “Let the poor eat grass” on both sides of the divide.

16. They get “Kharaab” in warm weather.

17. They think Secularism is an evil, atheistic philosophy peddled by Zionists, Hindus, CIA, Mossad, MI5 etc.

18. They are ardent believers in the “Ghazwa e Hind” theory.

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