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The Adventures of "Aabpara Boys"


Mr. Hamid Meer, who has been peddling the case of the Pakistani Intelligence Agencies for most of his career, has finally gotten to his senses and is vying for a cause in which he is supported by the progressive forces in Pakistan. He has been questioning the authority of the Deep State in the last few months. This has not gone well with some of the infamous “Aabpara Boys” and no wonder they have started taking him on, using social media networks.

After the drama of holding the government accountable day in and day out, it seems that the top TV anchors of Pakistan are out to get each other. If this debate was about principles, public interest or setting the facts correct, than it would be of immense value. However, the new Tamasha engineered by one self-styled judge and prosecutor, is trying to defame an experienced reporter/ TV Journalist. The allegations are one-sided, aired without evidence.

What is the fault of Hamid Meer? 
(Please consider that I do not belong to the Hamid Meer Fan Club)

All the “Aabpara boys” are ganging up on Hamid Meer because at a critical juncture, Hamid Meer switched sides and backed the elected over the un elected, rights of balochs and missing persons, over the excesses of the Deep State.

Hamid Meer needs to be supported at this crucial time of Pakistan’s history and we hope that he is not brow beaten into siding with his former friends and mentors!

Thanks to the the vibrant blogosphere, the known faux pas and lack of professionalism by supposedly experienced journalists have been exposed in Public. Following is a brief summary of the “Kartoot” of the “Pasha Boys” compiled by diligent blog, Pakistan Media Watch.
  1. Mubashar Luqman

    *After he did a show with Mukhtaran Mai, Blogger Sana Saleem wrote an open letter to Mr.Mubashar Luqman, stating,“It is people like you and attitudes such as yours that feed the vicious cycle of prejudice against rape victims, making the fight for justice harder. It is appalling that you would allow your guests to hurl allegations on Mai, call her rape fictitious without any substantial evidence and in the presence of a Supreme Court judgment.It was appalling to witness you cross-question Mai, while ignoring the plight of hundreds of women who have suffered at the hands of these illegal jirgas. Not once in your programme did you mention the innumerous decisions made by these notorious jirgas, from burying women alive to feeding them to the dogs.  Your attitude in the program and your approach to the case is an insult to the plight of the 2,903 women who were raped in 2010 alone and may never get justice.”

    *Mubashar Luqman tried to spread the news of “Bird Flu epidemic” in Punjab, which was NEVER confirmed and ended up causing losses to so many innocent poultry farmers.
    *Pakistan Media Watch, on 15th Januart 2012,  wrote the following about Mubashar luqman,
    “A few months ago we warned Shahid Masood and Azeem Mian that Mubasher Lucman had entered the race for PTI Media Advisor and taken the contest to a whole new level. It seems that with the government’s troubles and PTI’s rising popularity, Mr lucman has stepped up his campaign using a popular PTI format – social media.
    Mubasher Lucman is “not in politics” in so far as he has never been elected by anyone to anything. But he has also clearly inserted himself into politics by actively campaigning for his selected favourites and terming anyone he disagrees with (or just doesn’t like) as “corrupt”. That’s what political operatives do. It’s not journalism.”

    *After the Bhoja Air Crash Tragedy, Mubashar Luqman’s conduct was less than exempelary,
    “The most gruesome, however, was the way some elements of the media jumped on the opportunity to turn the tragedy into an opportunity for cheap political point scoring. Dunya TV anchor Mubasher Lucman bizarrely criticised Rehman Malik for quickly responding to the crash “when he is not asked”, as if the Interior Minister should wait to be asked before responding to such a tragedy.”
*There is still no explanation on how Mubashir Luqman’s twitter followers increased from 6092 followers to 103,595 followers overnight?

*To top this behaviour up, Mubashar Luqman’s allegations in Noor’s Morning Show against Najam Sethi were horrible and out of the context. This issue was discussed in detail here.

2.Shaheen Sehbai:-
Regarding the ‘exploits’ of Mr Shaheen Sehbai,

*On 23rd March, 2011, Pakistan Media Watch wrote,
“In his latest column for The News (Jang Group), Shaheen Sehbai holds a ‘funhouse mirror’ to the president’s speech and comes up with a curious 10-point list of what the president did not say in his address to the National Assembly on Tuesday. Sehbai’s column is purely editorial, though it is labeled as ‘News Analysis’ so that it can appear on the front page and not properly the opinion page.
This 10-point list of Shaheen Sehbai is not ‘analysis’ it is political attacks only. And these attacks are not even based in reality, but it Shaheen Sehbai’s own willful ignoring of facts.
Just because you label something ‘analysis’ does not make it so. This column could have been used to provide analysis of some of the serious issues facing the nation and made some recommendations for how the government and opposition leaders can work together to pass solutions for the good of the country. Instead, readers of The News were presented with yet another political attack consisting of misleading accusations devoid of context and reason.”

*It was reported on 5th February 2011,
“In response to Jang Group’s publishing the internet hoax of president Zardari secretly marrying a Pakistani-American doctor, the Zardari family has sent legal notice to Jang Group specifically Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and Shaheen Sehbai demanding immediate retraction and apology otherwise they will face legal action

“…for libel, malicious publication and intentional infliction of emotional distress in all jurisdictions where your newspaper is published, as well as any jurisdiction in which your paper has assets. This lawsuit will seek in excess of $100 million, which the Bhutto-Zardari family would donate to the victims of the 2010 floods in Pakistan."

*On 3rd April 2011, Pakistan Media Watch opined,

“Shaheen Sehbai’s front page story included no facts or investigative reporting, and was nothing but a baseless attack on the government in what appears to be another thinly veiled attempt to incite a war between the executive and judiciary.
In fact, Shaheen Sehbai does not even bother pretending to have ‘informed sources’, offering only his own insults and accusations. This is considered reporting by Jang Group?”

* On 15 October 2011, we came to know,
Shaheen Sehbai has been suffering humiliation for over three years now since Asif Zardari was elected to the presidency and not immediately booted out, as Sehbai incorrectly predicted. During these years, he has penned a number of pieces based in little more than rumor and speculation, and that appear to be aimed at pitting the civilians and the military against each other. His blatantly selective reading of Mansoor Ijaz’s opinion piece for FT is only the latest strike in this sad campaign.”

*On 6th March 2012, it was reported,
“Actually, Sehbai’s latest conspiracy is just the latest version of Shaheen Sehbai’s worn out anti-Zardari script. If you remember, when the present government was first elected, Shaheen Sehbai was part of a vocal group of Zardari haters whose personal animosity for the president was so strong that they declared the government a failure before it even began. With each passing event, the Zardari Haters Club predicted the imminent fall of the government, and each time they were proven wrong.”

*On 13th March, 2012, the old links between Shaheen Sehbai and Manzoor Ijaz were traced,
“Shaheen Sehbai was one of the the first Pakistani journalists to promote Ijaz – not after the famous Financial Times op-ed, but over a decade beforehand. While he was Dawn‘s Washington correspondent in the mid-1990s, Shaheen Sehbai wrote several stories promoting the American businessman. In 1995, Sehbai filed a story, ‘Dateline Washington : A blueprint Pakistan cannot ignore’ that described Mansoor Ijaz as the manager of a billion dollar investment firm who is the secret hand writing US policy. Actually, Sehabi’s description from 1995 sounds strangely familiar.”

Hamain Sab hai yaad Zara Zara, Tumhain Yaad ho kay na Yaad ho.

Madam Ayesha Siddiqa does not agree with this article, but I rest my case.

P.S This post has not been "sponsored" in any way by Mr. Najam Sethi. In your face, ML.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Secular 'Dilemma'

We have all heard the debate if Father of our Nation, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was secular or not, because the liberals think he wanted to make Pakistan a secular country. In his 11th August, 1947 Speech (which some Pakistani bureaucrats and politicians even tried to censor!), he said, “You may belong to any region or caste or creed –that has nothing to do with the business of the State”.  

As a student of Dr. Mubarak Ali, I believe that “Hero worship is not the solution to our problems. New challenges require new ideas”.
Thus, Instead of trying to prove anything about Mr. Jinnah, I would like to clarify some misconceptions about Secularism.
According to members of the ghairat Brigade, secularism is defined as “not religious or spiritual”(which is exactly what the Abridged Oxford Dictionary says).  They also think “a secular person has got nothing to do with religion”. They also translate Secularism as “La-deen” which is the translation for the word atheist.

The word ‘secular’ is derived from the Latin word "Saeculum" (meaning present age or this world). It was first used in 1648 in the Treaty of Westphalia at the end of religious wars in Europe that paved the way for the modern ‘nation state’ concept to become increasingly prominent.
At that time it denoted “the removal of territory or property from the control of ecclesiastical authorities.”  George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906) was the main exponent of this doctrine and defined it as “well being of mankind in the present life”.

According to
Britannica Encyclopedia, “Secularism is  any movement in society directed away from otherworldliness to life on earth. In the European Middle Ages there was a strong tendency for religious persons to despise human affairs and to meditate on God and the afterlife. As a reaction to this medieval tendency, secularism, at the time of the Renaissance, exhibited itself in the development of humanism, when people began to show more interest in human cultural achievements and the possibilities of their fulfillment in this world”.

Oxford advanced Learners’ dictionary
defines Secularism as, “the belief that religion should not be involved in the organization of society, education, etc.”
provides the definition as “the attitude that religion should have no place in civil affairs”. 

The one-sided definition and mis-translation of the word ‘secular’ is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, almost 80 years ago, a certain Mr. Maududi translated ‘Secular’ as ‘Atheistic’ (La-deen). He did so in his book
Musalman aur Jadeed Siasi Kashmakash, Hissa Awwal (“Muslims and the Modern Political Struggle, Part 1”), published in 1937, in which he wrote a chapter named “Qaumi Jamhoori La-deeni state” (National Democratic Secular State).
In part three of that book, he wrote, “It is worth mentioning that not a single political leader from Muslim League or any resolution from the party have ever clarified that their ultimate goal is to create Islamic type of Government in Pakistan. Rather what they have said and repeated is that they want to establish a democracy with equal rights for the minorities” (Maududi, Musalman aur Jadeed Siasi Kashmakash; Published in 1941; Volume 3; page 130)

For Reference and comparison, lets also take a look at the definitions of Atheism.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, “atheism, in general, the critique and denial of metaphysical beliefs in God or spiritual beings. As such, it is usually distinguished from theism, which affirms the reality of the divine and often seeks to demonstrate its existence”.

Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines Atheism as “the belief that God does not exist”. defines Atheism as “the doctrine or belief that there is no God” and “disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings”.
But even then, Atheism or any form of Disbelief is not some ‘conspiracy’ or some sign of ‘pure evil’ as some people tend to needlessly panic over. People should not be judged on what they believe in, but on what they do and contribute to society as equal human beings. That is the basic premise of secularism; equality, respect and fairness towards each other.
Secularism is not a religion, it’s a political ideology. The idea of secularism in Islamic society means favoring a modern secular political system (preferably democratic) with separation of mosque and state, as opposed to Islam as a political movement.
Interestingly, a famous Muslim Philosopher Ibn e Rushd(Averroes)  has been described as the founding father of secular thought, becoming known as "The Commentator" in the Christian West.
The list of Secular states with majority Muslim populations include Chad, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Syria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey – each of them behaving differently with their own unique interpretations of secularism.

A person can be secular and still be a practicing Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Jew etc. unlike what the fake nationalists and the Ghairat Brigade think.
 Being a ‘secularist’ as a political position means one wants religious inclinations to be confined to personal preferences, and for each person in society to be treated as equals based on laws that don’t discriminate or distinguish on personal beliefs but rather conduct and character.
It is fair to say that instead of arguing over what political stance or ambition Quaid-e-Azam had, we need to educate ourselves and think critically over what we are told to hold dear without ever daring to question. We must not fall to hearsay and speculation, but rather we should be willing to understand and use our own brains to figure out the problems we face with cool heads rather than through emotional rhetoric.
Only then can we sit together, and resolve our issues as human beings rather than as agitated animals.
P.S I am expecting both positive and negative responses to this post, but as a secular person, I respect your opinion, even If you don’t agree with me. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

book lauch Pakistan kaisay bana

The launch ceremony of the book "Pakistan Kaisay Bana", one of my favourite books on the history of Pakistan and a valuable reference book is being held in Karachi at the Arts Council of Pakistan on 27th April, 2012. The guest list is awesome as well. So, if anyone is interested in learning about Pakistan History, this is an event that should not be missed. This book was initially published as a series of 12 books in 1989 and it covered the history of Pakistan from the Pakistan movement till 1950s. It covers the Pakistan Movement and the politics of India at that time as a whole, in a dialectical approach, unlike the establishment sponsored historians like Dr. Safdar or I.H.Qureshi.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to spot a Fake Nationalist

Nationalism is defined as “A political ideology that involves a strong identification of a group of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms, i.e. a nation.” In recent times, the increasing popularity of social media has led to all kinds of people joining the larger debate and interacting with Celebrities and Journalists. This has also led to the phenomenon of people attacking other people for their beliefs in certain ideologies. One such group are the Fake Nationalists. Any sane person using social media outlets will be aware of these people. Following is the list of their most common shared characteristics based on which they can be identified and dealt with. #FakeNationalists

1. They think criticizing Institutions of Pakistan is an act of

2. “Introspection” is their least favorite word in English Language and “Charity begins at Home” is their least favorite phrase.

3. Their Display Pictures on Social Media show either a Pakistani Flag or a weapon/Fighter Jet (or both).
4. They try to pass as patriotic but actually are out to destroy the country through hatred and bigotry.

5. They are 100% sure that you are a traitor but will still follow you on twitter.

6. In most cases, their IDs and DPs are fake.

7. They think that affection for the country is a religious Obligation. While they quote Iqbal incessantly, they seem to have “selective amnesia” about the anti-nationalistic poetry by Iqbal.

8. For them, “Loving thy country” means “Hating everyone else” except off course China and Saudi Arabia.

9. They love making videos based on selective facts and mis-quotes.

10. They display no trust in the Political System and Politicians.

11. They add the prefix “Sir” before the names of their favorite personalities, even though the Queen has never bestowed Knighthood on those “personalities”.

12. They have never heard the words “Nation State”.

13. They like to counter rationalism with emotional responses.

14. They believe in ‘Jo bhi Kara Raha hai, Amrika Karwa Raha hai’.
15. The option of establishing Peace with our neighbors is not something they would ever give a thought to. They want to fight India for a thousand years and “Let the poor eat grass” on both sides of the divide.

16. They get “Kharaab” in warm weather.

17. They think Secularism is an evil, atheistic philosophy peddled by Zionists, Hindus, CIA, Mossad, MI5 etc.

18. They are ardent believers in the “Ghazwa e Hind” theory.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Treason Against Reason?

Treason against Reason?

Two statements have been circulating in my head since the last few days, the first one is by George Orwell,
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
the second is a piece of poetry by Revolutionary poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 
Nisar teri galiyo pe ae watan kay jahan
Chali hai Rasm kay koi na sarr utha kay chalay.
Jo Koi Chahnay Wala Tawaaf ko Niklay,
Nazar Jhuka kay Chalay, Jism o Jaan Bacha Kay Chalay.
(Translation: - 
 My salutations to thy sacred streets, O beloved nation! Where a tradition has been invented- that none shall walk with his head held high. If at all one takes a walk, a pilgrimage. One must walk, eyes lowered, the body crouched in fear)"

It all started with an e-mail. Few days ago, I got an e-mail from a friend which contained a webpage link and the message that this is Urgent and we should do something about it. I know that person through a particular association and I expected the link to lead me to a particular page. I clicked on the link and Lo and Behold. A sumptuous statement was present on the “Official” Facebook Page of Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid.

Allahu Akbar!!!!

Today, we have filed a Petition in the Supreme Court against SAFMA for High Treason against Pak Sarzameen, its sacred ideology, its beloved founding fathers and waging a war against Pak Sarzameen, armed forces and our freedom on behalf of the enemies.

We have demanded Death Penalty under article 6 High Treason law for All SAFMA leaders, members and supporters. Now these snakes will be dragged to the court and confronted with their crimes against Pak Sarzameen”.

I was not very surprised by this development as Zaid Hamid has been trying to raise hue and cry after he was publicly humiliated on Express News by Ali K Chishti and Hasan Nisar. The above-stated statement is not only funny; Zaid Hamid can himself be dragged to court on “defamation charges” for his diatribes. His pet army, namely Pakistan Cyber Force is also active and has been releasing ridiculous videos against SAFMA and progressive newspapers such as Express tribune. A closer look at the said “petition” reveals more about Zaid Hamid himself than SAFMA members.

Omar Ali, a blogger, wrote the following about the petition
“Zaid Hamid, a clown promoted by the security establishment (and very popular among the burger jihadi crowd, as can be seen by the comment in the link), or at least, by the jihadi faction of the security establishment for years, has now filed a petition in the Supreme court of Pakistan to bring anti-Islam and ante-Pakistan forces to heel. Most of those named in the petition are associated with SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Association), a group that has done great work to promote dialog between journalists in South Asia”

Some interesting observations about the petition are as follows:-

1. Zaid Hamid is introduced as “founding President of an International threat analysis consultancy and defense think tank". (This is a clear sign of Delusional Grandeur. This guy should visit a Psychiatrist, not the Court).

2. The petition makes Director General of a notorious establishment agency (which were probably his handlers some time ago) as respondents in the petition.

3. The petition mentions that "many of the most senior and patriotic analysts of Pakistan have raised serious objections over SAFMA”. (No names have been provided by the petitioner although we all know the member of the “Ghairat Brigade”).

4. He has accused the respondents of “Trying to project Quaid-e-Azam as secular leader, lowering the image of Allama Iqbal, aggressively attacking the image of armed forces and ISI”.
(Zaid Hamid probably has never heard of the phrase “Difference of Opinion”)

5. He accused them of “having done great damage to the ideology of Pakistan, sprit of Objectives Resolution and Islamic clauses of the constitution”.
(Apart from “Difference of Opinion”, only legislators can “damage” clauses in the Constitution, which none of the accused are.)

6. About his own credentials, he had to say this,
“The Petitioner is an internationally known security, defense and threat perception analyst and runs a Think tank called BrassTacks whose defense and threat perception studies are widely circulated, read and acknowledged by friendly countries national and international media. Jordanian Strategic Study Institute declared him in 2010 and 2011 as one of the most influential five hundred Muslims living in the World today.”
(The list is NOT compiled by “Jordanian Strategic Study Institute” but by “Royal Institute of Strategic Islamic Studies” and the validity of this list can be gauged by the fact that in 2010, it included General Ashfaq Kayani, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Dr Maleeha Lodhi,Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Amir of Tablighi Jamaat; Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul Qadri, Shaikh Mohammad, founder of the International Islamic Propagation Centre (IIPC), Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar, a Sufi scholar of the Ashrafia order based in Karachi, Dr Farhat Hashmi, Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri, Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro, Secretary General of Jamiat Ulema-Islam Sindh, Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui, , Junaid Jamshed, Abida Parveen, Zaid Hamid and Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.)

7. There are countless silly spelling mistakes in the petition, such as
“Weather it is not a fact that”.

8. The famous Conspiracy Theory narrative of Zaid Hamid is also part of the petition,
“Whether it is not a fact that Pakistan is in a state of existential war, under attack from multiple axis. The objective of this war is to balkanize the country on the pattern of Yugoslavia”.
“Whether it is not a fact that Pakistan is facing an existential war for its survival today, because of treacherous role of some elements within Pakistani media and especially the group called SAFMA working under the umbrella of Free Media foundation”.

9. The famous "Zaid Hamid-ism" of accusing people and jumping to conclusions based on nothing is visible in the text as well.
“Whether it is not a fact that SAFMA is creating Moral and social anarchy through filthy Indian media, secular or Hindu ideology, vulgarity, Hindu culture is spreading immoral values repugnant of Islamic and local cultures”.
In these lines, the petitioner is arbitrarily passing judgment on Hindu Culture as “immoral and vulgar” while forgetting that hundreds of thousands of Hindus are part of Pakistan as well.

10. The petitioner has also tried to define what according to him is the basis of Pakistan and he wants the court to proceed based on “his” definitions.
“That Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State created on the basis of Two Nations Theory to be made a homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent to live and carve their lives according to Quran and Sunnah and teachings of Islam individually and collectively.”

11. The petition also peddles the Conspiracy theory that Separation of East-Pakistan was solely because of Indian influence and not because we denied them their rights for 25 years.
“In 1971, they [India] attacked East Pakistan, supported insurgencies, spread lies and disinformation and worked hard to dilute the Two Nation Theory by promoting provincial hatred resulting in breakup of Pakistan. Indira Gandhi took pride not in the military victory but in the fact that they had dismantled the Ideological Pillar of Pakistan, “The Two Nation Theory

12. The petitioner himself has tried to spread mis-information and accused SAFMA of many things without giving any concrete evidence of Proof. For the record, SAFMA is provided funding by Norway and Netherlands mostly.
“It should be noted that SAFMA is a covert operation of Indian establishment and Raw and such operations rarely have any audited bank statements, hence depend upon secret funding, briefcases and envelopes. The lavish SAFMA lifestyles and spending are serious circumstantial evidence to their secret foreign founding.” 

Feisal H Naqvi, a Supreme Court lawyer, wrote in the Express Tribune today,

“Legally and logically, the petition is rubbish. To begin with, critical analysis will not lead to the physical disintegration of Pakistan. Pakistan has been criticized ever since its birth; it has yet to disappear let alone “automatically crumble.” In any event, we no longer live in a world in which it is possible to wall off all criticism: unless you live in North Korea, those days are over.

More importantly, the accusations being made by Mr. Hamid are no laughing matter. While Pakistan has increasingly adopted freedom of speech as a core value, nobody has sympathy for RAW agents. To accuse somebody of being an Indian agent is therefore a deliberate attempt to short-circuit all critical thinking and instead provoke a violent response.”

While I do not have enough legal acumen to know whether this petition will be admitted by the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan or not, I have full belief that IF it happens, Zaid Hamid and his “true colors” will be evident for all to see.

also published in Zaid Hamid's favorite newspaper i.e. Express Tribune

How to Live-Tweet a Wedding

(published in Express Tribune)

Twitter has enabled news to be transmitted within mere seconds. Now, ordinary people are able to take part in the way information travels and even add their opinion to it. Recently, many have  started using this platform to describe an event with a constant flow of tweets. This practice is known as “live-tweeting.

The phenomenon of live-tweeting was popularised during the Arab Spring. Since then, we have seen many an incident being live-tweeted. Whether it is the Osama bin Laden operationWhitney Houston’s funeral, or even an abortion, live-tweeting is the new fad.
So perfected is this practice that there even exist many guidelines on how to live-tweet an event.

I recently attended a wedding with a friend, where he came up with a hilarious, yet eerily real vision for future weddings. According to him, all marriage halls will have WiFi internet facilities, and both the bride and groom will live-tweet the ceremony using their iPads! As weddings have not yet reached this level of advancement, let me demonstrate my version of the live-tweeting of desi wedding.

For the uninitiated, let me get you familiar with desi wedding lingo; dulha means bride-groom, dulhan means bride, saasu maa means mother-in-law (which in this particular scenario is the groom’s mother), and lastly, the baraat is the congregation of the groom’s family and friends that accompanies the groom when he goes for the nikah (marriage contract).

Dulha: All geared up and ready to lead the baraat to #marriage hall.#Sehra bandi going on. C u at 7  @dulhan #PkWedding

Dulhan: RT @Dulha C u at 7 *sharam*
#MashriqiLarki  #LastDayOfFreedom
Dulhan: At the beauty parlour, waiting for my turn. Accompanied by lil sis. #WaitingSucks

Dulha: Received 40 thousand in salami till now. That won’t even cover 1 way ticket of Malaysia. :((  #BrokenDreams #ChawalRishtaydar

#ParentsNeverUnderstand #iAddict

Dulhan: Haye Sartaj (@Dulha), aisa bhi kia zulm kar rahi hen
@SaasuMaa? *sharam*

Dulhan: RT @Dulha  #ChawalRishtaydar  *sniggers*

Dulha: This stupid kulla hurts so much. Arghh
#StupidCustoms  #KiaBakwasHaiYe  #LetsBanKullas

: @Dulha stop complaining, it’s the best day
 of ur lyf, and these r ur OWN relatives.
#NewGeneration doesn’t undrstand these thngs. #Frustrated

: @Dulhan just wait a few hours, i’ll explain to u all the zulmthat is being done to ur ‘sartaaj’
#ShokhayLog  #OverSmart

: Finally reached the #Marriage Hall. Cousins and friends dancing in frnt. This kulla is #Killing mE.! :@ :@

: entering the hall after about an HOUR of dancing while I stood there uncomfortably. #BanDances #BanKullahs #FML

: Such a Big #Baraat. Have these people brought EVERYONE that they knew. :@ they told us nly 200 ppl wil come #FML #BrokenPromises #LastMinuteSurprises

: All elders of my family hugged their counterparts 4m @Dulhan’s family. We r getting seated now. #Kullah in my lap now. #Khushi my legs hurt now.

Nikah Khwan arrives. After the proceedings, I was asked to sign at 5/6 places on the form. I didn’t even READ the text on that form.!!! #OhShit #Things2AvoidWhenGettingMarried


: Oh for heaven’s Sake, These people seem soo ravished, we thought we were marrying our beloved into a #KhaatiPeetiFamily. Lets #hope for her better future.

: Someone just spilled Shorba on my clothes.!!! #FML A kid was over-run by another Baraati..May God Have Mercy on us. :((

:- How are you @Dulha @Dulhan @DulhanzFather @SaasuMaa  #PTISucks #FakeInqalab

: How dare you say such crap about our Chairman and party @RandomStranger @Dulha @Dulhan @DulhanzFather @SaasuMaa #ChangeWeBelieveIn #LiberalScum

: The @MakeUpLady. Argghh. Die, just die. U ruined my face. I should’ve gotten make up at home and it would’ve cost less and I would look less horrible. #BanMakeUp

:- Finally reached the hall. Waiting for my family to escort me to the stage. #IhateWaiting

: And here comes the lady of the evening. Everyone rises from their seats. There is a National Anthem joke in there somewhere but I better not mention it. @Dulhan #FTW

: It took @Dulhan 20 minutes to travel 80 yards, courtesy her clothing, the fact that she can’t even look up & because everyone is dying to see her. She luks Alrite though.
No wonder #PkWeddings are a mess. #ThirdWorldProblems

: @Dulha STOP staring.!! *Sharam*#Ican’tCallYourNameAfterToday #PkWeddings #NewBeginnings

: You are my “legally-wed wife” now, I will oggle all I can. RT @Dulhan STOP staring.!! #WhoSaidMarriedLifeIsScary #PkWeddings #NewBeginnings

: Lo and Behold, there come the “Doodh-Pilai” Squad.
All dressed up and full of intent to rob me. :@ #PkWeddings
#WhyDoTheyHaveToDoThis #BanDoodhPilai

: Yayyy, got a jewellery set for each of us out of “Jeeju” #PkWeddings #NewWaysToGetRich

Rukhsati happening now. No tears in the eyes of @Dulhan After all, the make up is damn expensive these days.
@SaasuMaa I hope the reception at our place will go good :P
Baraat departs.
Tweets end.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Knowing Thy Enemy(PCF special)

Knowing Thy Enemy

I just finished watching the video 
'SAFMA-Sexpress-Geo Scoundrel Gang EXPOSED & ANNIHILATED!'(present above)
Being the nit-picker that I am, I noticed dozens of mistakes apart from the trashy music (the one before this had a better soundtrack).
Let’s start.

1. The First image in the video 'desecrates' the Pakistani Flag, making it looks similar to the Saudi flag, which by the way is a punishable offence according to the Constitution of Pakistan.

2. The First video is of a US news anchor telling us that President Obama has 'pledged' 50 million dollars to the Pakistani Media. There is no evidence provided about Where those Dollars went. (If anyone of you know how to get our hands in the Cookie Jar, please DM me, I need some of those $s) 

3. The next slide is of the word 'SAFMA'(without NO proof.!! Guilty by default.??).
They are labeled 'defeatist' minded secularists, which is a mockery of the English Language. They are also labeled 'mouthpieces of RAW/CIA/Mossad'(oh shit, they missed MI5 and Shiv Sena).
4. The First person to face the guillotine is Mr.Imtiaz Alam(who at least I personally am not a fan of, because his dogs were looking at me with menace while I was walking near them in shadman,lahore few months ago. #TrueStory) is presented as someone 'who ridiculed Prophet (SAW)in a program'
while actually in the clip that follows, Mr. Imtiaz Alam(in presence of hundreds of audience members on the set of that program) 'ridiculed the concept of 'Qaumi Ghairat'(which we all know, is not something to be taken lightly). These PCF hawks are, by default, inciting people for murder of a person by presenting him as Gustakh e Rasool. THIS is treason.

5. Next up is Marvi Sirmed, the favorite punching bag of Baloongra followers after she showed the mirror to Baloongra in Shahid Nama last year. They have presented some of her re-tweets, i.e. NOT HER TWEETS BUT THE ONES SHE RE TWEETED. The First one paints her as an 'atheist'.
The second is her statement that 'equal rights not possible in Islamic Welfare State',(which, if PCF Fmembers ever went out of their homes or watched Television, will know is what Tsunami Khan promises). But who cares anyways, brand her a Gustakh e Rasul as well.
Next up is her retweet about separation of Balochistan to which she added the sad face smiley faces ( L ) WHICH MEANS SHE DOES NOT LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN BALOCHISTAN, you morons.
Cue the statement that SAFMA wants 'balkanization of Pakistan'.

6. Asma Shirazi is their next target. Her only crime is to applaud Ali Dayan Hasan on Twitter, who according to the dimwits of PCF 'supported' the CIA-backed terrorists of BLA in US Congress. As usual, no evidence or proof provided.

7. Hamid Mir is the next line, because, oh wait for it, JUST wait for it,
he accuses the #DeepState
of throwing dead bodies from helicopters and surprise, surprise, they(PCF) ask for PROOFS in the very next slide. Some nerve.
They also accuse Hamid meer of being part of Khalid Khwaja’s murder(he was no angel, mind u), citing a call that supposedly took place between Hamid mir and a TTP terrorist.
Their next plea is 'why is Pak Army subjected to baseless blames??', How Cute.

8. Their next target is Beena Sarwar who re-tweeted NFP's tweet about his neighborhood mullah delivering an aural attack on the senses. While the statement can be interpreted in many ways, it cannot be used as evidence against Beena. The fact that she is the third female to be targeted is a clear evidence of the sexist, patriarchal values that the PCF members so aspire of. 

‎9. Next up is (S)express tribune, which according to PCF is 'a platform for these blockheads to express themselves'. For the record, NONE of the above mentioned people work or even WRITE for ET. 
Jahanzaib Haque gets special attention, due to his Jay Toons. They cite examples where he has addressed the issue of the ST assassination by Qadri. Jahanzaib's crime, was to use to words, 'your fundo khala'. Next example is where J has raised the issue of child molestation. Oh,HOW DARE HE RAISE HIS VOICE against such fabricated lies, no one in Pakistan EVER molested a child, or threw acid on someone’s face, or killed people based on false allegations of blasphemy. No Sir, that has not happened in the 'Land of Pure' since Mahmud Ghaznavi threatened the caliph of Baghdad to attack his state, oh sorry, that never happened either..

10. The next slide made me laugh and cry out loud, in equal measure. Read for yourself.
'Do they know something called 'Media Ethics''
nuff said.

11. Next up is some pictures of logos of TV channels and the same video from a U.S channel that was played earlier.(According to my dear Amir Saeed, the same clip has been played by Kashif Abbasi in his show and this is NOT a U.S channel but a Russian Channel.!!)

12. The best, though, was left for the last.
Yuri Bezmenov's video about spreading misinformation through media is played.
A brief background of this gentleman.
*He was a journalist and former KGB informant from Soviet Union who defected to Canada. 
*He was an expert in oriental languages and spent many years in India.
*He escaped to Canada in 1970.
*He was an anti-communist and very pro American. He even wrote a book LOVE LETTER TO AMERICA.!!!
* In an interview in 1984, he told Edward Griffin, that, 
“They will be very unhappy [and] frustrated people, and Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously they will join the [ranks] of dissenters; dissidents. Unlike the present United States there will be no place for dissent in future Marxist-Leninist America. [Now] you can get popular like Daniel Elsburg and filthy rich like Jane Fonda for being a dissident [and] for criticizing your Pentagon. In [the] future these people will simply be [he makes a squishy noise] squashed like cockroaches for criticizing the government. Nobody is going to pay them nothing for their beautiful [and] noble ideas of EQUALITY. This they don't understand and it will be the greatest shock for them, of course.” 
This sounds so much like a tirade by any of the Republican Presidential nominees(a mixture of paranoia and lack of real time knowledge of politics) and much less like a balanced approach. 
PCF,in hatred of SAFMA, used info from a totally biased person, no surprises there. They would even take the side of the Devil if he said something mildly against SAFMA.
In “Exposing” and “Annihilating” SAFMA, PCF has, fortunately, exposed themselves.
(P.S If someone wants to know more about the leader of this PCF, here is a phone conversation between him and Zaid Hamid, provided courtesy Amir Saeed).