Sunday 28 August 2011

Pillars of a society

Health care and education system are the bedrock of any successful society. Currently, United States is the world leader in education and health care. United States contain most of the top universities and majority of top doctors in this world. Every other powerful country(Germany,china, India, Australia, UK,France) has very good healthcare system and education infrastructure. Pakistan-as opposed to all the countries listed above-has got a poor education system and a negligent healthcare system. Education is the basic right of every human being. Governments in Pakistan have never given enough importance to imparting quality education to its citizens. As a result, the class divide has blatantly crept up in our education infrastructure. Children born to financially-weak parents have to choose between government schooling or charity-driven madrassahs. Private schooling is a stuff of dreams for them. This is injustice at the very basic level of education system. Poor people are denied their right to climb up the rungs of society by this hurdle as education imparted in government schools is mediocre,at its best. Since the time of independence,our education policy has changed directions more than the curves in the Islamabad-Murree Road. We have had totally incompetent people at the helm of education ministry. Private education has become bussiness. Qasuri family is one of the many, who have benefited from this situation. Curriculum, paper pattern, quality of education are different in the 4 provinces,another grievance. If Pakistan has to progress,If Pakistan has to be a developed country, If Pakistan has to keep adrift with this world, education is the one-word panacea. Healthcare system is another issue of grave(ironically) importance. Health Services at government hospitals(particularly at district level) require a lot of up-gradation and improvement. Sanitation and cleanliness are alien words to our society. As a result, disease-producing agents are free to reproduce and free to spread. Our hospitals are overcrowded and under-staffed. Emergency departments lack special equipments and personnel. Doctors in high offices don't spend much time in hospitals and focus mainly on private practice. This occurs mostly because the field of medicine particularly in our part of the world demands tremendous work while the dividends are nothing compared to that. 

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