Sunday 28 August 2011

Facebook is Dangerous

(wrote it for a competition)
Facebook is dangerous. More than 500 million users. More than the population of 4th and 5th most populous countries in the world and all others below them.Price evaluated around 11.5 billion dollars. Originated in the dorms of the best university in the world.Connects more than 110 countries in the world. Thats quite a pedigree and these are just a few statistics boasted by the social networking behemoth we know as Facebook. Before facebook grabbed our attention in pakistan, orkut was the name of the game. Being a part of orkut was considered chic and cool. It was kicked out of the market by a the new kid on the block, Facebook.Facebook was totally refreshing in its outlook,was more user friendly and privacy-savvy. Its rise concurred with the advent of microblogging giant twitter and together, they became a political phenomen that catapulted Barrack Obama to the office of President of United States. Even the recently held mid-term elections, tea party members and many prominent politicians relied heavily on the internet based media to put forth their agendas. In Pakistan, ex-President Musharraf gathered more than 2 lac fans and he used this logic as one of reasons to re-enter politics. Apart from him, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif have also got thousands and thousands of facebook fans. Many radio programs use facebook fan pages to get song requests or allow people to get into some discussion. Many business companies use facebook for advertising.It is a proverb that nothing is bad in itself,its use determins it to be either good or bad. According to a recent research report published by ProPakistani as well, many offices in Pakistan are suffering due to wastage of time because employees had their attentions towards facebook and not work. I have personally observed professionals(a doctor and an I.T Manager) using facebook during time of duty openly..Some offices using a single node for internet access have banned facebook. Even in those cases, some devout facebook lovers started using facebook on their handsets. Another issue pertaining to facebook use is abuse of privacy. Pictures of girls who have allowed access to anyone can be copied and terrible things can be done with them....Like any other internet forum where anonymosity can be maintained and storied can be fabricated, frauds and friendship with dangerous people can happen due to lack of awareness..Then there are some idiotic facebook applications (its a democracy after all.. :) ) like 'enemy of the day' and 'lover of the day' and many others that can't even be mentioned here due to censor regulations. They can prove to be a nuisance to a facebook user. Like I said earlier, facebook is not evil in itself,its how you use it that matters.

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