Saturday 26 November 2011

Story of Al Qaeda

9/11 was the day the world changed. It was the most important geo-political moment in the last 20 or so years. We live on in the post 9/11 world now. One prime actor responsible for 9/11 was Al Qaeda. A lot of efforts have been made in last few years to discover what Al Qaeda is and how it functions. Majority of Youth in Pakistan (according to researches by British Council and Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies) think Al-Qaeda is a front for US Imperialism. Similarly more than 60% people in Pakistan believed that the OBL-operation in May 2011 was a farce and Osama was not killed that day. To understand Al Qaeda a bit more and demystifying it for Pakistani Youth, I have compiled a collection of biographies of the ideologues and founders of Al-Qaeda.
The document can be downloaded from HERE

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