Thursday 6 October 2011

Decoding Two Nation Theory

Two nation theory is said to be the building block of Pakistan. The architects of Two nation theory are said to be Sir Syed, Allama Iqbal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah etc. I recently read a book which is a scholarly work tracing the root of the theory and the misconceptions about its origins. Very few books in Urdu are research-oriented, scholarly works but this one defies the stereotype. The name of the book is, Dau Qaumi Nazriya, aik tareekhi jaiza(Translation: Two Nation theory, a historical perspective).
I am providing links from where the book can be read and downloaded and please remember that this is for educational purposes only.
Part 1 about Sir Syed (available for download only)
Part 2 about Iqbal
Part 3 about Quaid i Azam
Part 4 about the REAL creators and promoters of the theory.
Instructions for Download
1.Click on the links given above
2. When the Google Docs page opens, there is an option "Download Original" on the top right. Click that and document will be downloaded in PDF format.


  1. This book by Professor Amjad Shakar is just piece of crap.Never heard his name,just a part of anti Quaid-E- Azam lobby whose work is to brainwash our youth like you. Don't be a advocate for such evils. There is no harm in adding RUA with name of Quaid or Iqbal. They have blessed you a free country where u are able to write such blogs, u r in a medical college otherwise u would have been declared shooder and working as a sweeper in Banya's house.After Allah, be thankful to Sir Syed, Allama Iqbal and Quad e Azam and may be your great grand pa who gave their lives for you.

    1. Many Muslim leaders have supported the Two Nation Theory. Some Of Their Comments And Statements I Have Collected Here. I Hope You Will Find It Useful All In One Place.
      Two Nation Theory | Muhammad Ali Jinnah.