Sunday 8 May 2011

Roy Keane

All football fans, in particular fans of Manchester United, know about Roy Keane, the boy from the suburban city of Cork who rose through the ranks, initially joined Nottingham Forest side managed by the legendary Brian Clough and later was signed by Man United. He went on to become one of the most successful captains of United's history. His passion for the game was unmatchable, his desire was unsurmountable.He wrote an autobiography "Keane: The Autobuography"(Interestingly, he also got retrospective punishment from the FA due to one of his confessions in this book) which is one of the most amazing books in soccer(quoted NOtW). I live in Pakistan, where I tried hard to find this book but to no avail. At last, I got it via a contact in the US. For All the passionate United Fans out there, I decided to scan the book(I know its not legal, but where there is a will, there is a way) and I have now uploaded the first five chapters of the book on the web. P.S I tried to find this book over the internet as well, I was even willing to pay it but I didn't even find a damn e-book for it.
The book(first 5 chapters) on in pdf format on esnips
The book(first 5 chapters) on Picassa

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  1. I appreciate the effort but you can't even count right. It's the first four chapters not five.