Friday 25 March 2011

Secularism is defined as an ideology "which is not religious or spiritual in nature". Unfortunately, in Pakistan secularism is considered to be inter-changeable with atheism. I have read countless banners and slogans which read like "say NO to a secular Pakistan". A simpler definition of Secularism can be done as "Live and let others Live". Thats the same thing that most Pakistanis want, but when the same people are asked about secularism, they strongly oppose it. The reason for that mis-conception is the clergy-sponsored propaganda that portrays secularism as the hub of all evil. Plus, the interesting thing to note is that, in the Pakistani media, most of Urdu print media are right-wing in ideology and most of the English newspapers are liberal in ideology. Unfortunately, the readership of English language dailies is FAR less than that for the Urdu ones. May our nation come out of its hysteria.

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